The variety of ways in which we can find or lose ourselves today is infinite.

Whether it’s technology, sex, drugs, religion, or one another, we can easily lose or find ourselves in the same material. You can take acid and experience terrifying decomposition or have a peak experience in which you feel you’ve touched divinity. We can find ourselves in the eyes of another or lose ourselves for that very same person.

What’s it all about?

Author Nathalie Nahai and Psychotherapist Dr. Aaron Balick have been thinking about these things a lot and have been seeking people’s stories to understand better how people find and lose themselves in today’s world.

In this first episode they take a deep dive into one woman’s story. A story in which two fundamental constituents of her identity were tragically lost at once – her mother, and her faith. After the grief and the anger at God and religion, she found her way back to a surprising place.

At certain points in all our lives we can be lost and found again. We will be bringing you stories from individuals who have touched the edge of their selfhood – and often felt they’ve gone beyond it. We all have experiences in which we lose or find a part of ourselves – or find a part of ourselves that we never knew we even had.

We hope these stories will inspire you to look, wonder, and seek.