A new podcast exploring the variety of ways in which we lose and find ourselves in the 21st century. Hosted by author Nathalie Nahai & Psychotherapist Aaron Balick.
Produced by Hana Walker-Brown.

In our increasingly distracted world, many have found sanctuary in the podcast.

By quietening the noise of the external world, we create the opportunity to turn inward and listen to the voices we choose to hear. Thoughtfully selected, these podcasts can be a source of personal discovery, exploration and growth.

In this new series produced by the award winning Hana Walker-Brown, we explore the the stories that define people’s lives. Our first episode uncovers how people have found or lost themselves through drugs, sex, and religion.

As Nathalie Nahai and Aaron Balick guide us through these narratives, we ask the underlying question: what is “self” and how do we find it?

Our Team

If you have been effected by any of the themes discussed in our podcast, please take a look at these resources that can offer you support.