In our first episode we follow the story of Jack. We are all familiar with what might be called the archetypal story of recovery from addiction which requires one to hit “rock bottom” before being fully able to commit to recovery.

But what brings one to rock bottom later in life, can start surprisingly early in one’s life story where one might discover that the pain of living can be salved by a variety of substances.

If I was off my face all the time, there was absolutely nothing – that was surprssing the “gay” in me it didn’t exist. So long as I was always high or always drunk, or off my nut, none of that came into play.

The shift from experiencing substances like alcohol and crystal meth as a relief from the challenges of life, to those same substances insidiously becoming a source for more suffering can be gradual – but waking up to the damage can be surprisingly swift.

When one realises how bad things have got, how is one able to hear what is left of the health-seeking part of the self to commit to recovery?

We find out in Jack’s story.

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