Many of us have experienced the loss of a loved one, and many too, have experienced a loss of faith.

But what happens when both come together, when you lose your faith at a time when you probably need it the most?

In this, our second episode, we take a deep dive into one woman’s story of losing both her mother and her religion at the same time. Erika was brought up in a devout Christian Science household – a religion that refuses medical treatment on the premise that sickness and death, as part of material reality, are merely an illusion outside of divine perfection.

Either [my religion] Christian Science was wrong, or my mother just didn’t pray hard enough – I just couldn’t accept the latter. And that’s when I left Christian Science. And I was furious. So angry because I felt like I’d been betrayed.

This is why Erika’s mother did not seek treatment for a treatable breast cancer and chose instead to pursue a cure through prayer. By the time she sought medical intervention, it was too late and she died soon after.

The choice to pursue medical care was also a choice against a long and dearly held faith that was lost with her also dearly beloved mother.

We follow Erika on her journey from believer, to atheist, to priest.

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