There are many ways to gain insight into the self from a variety of traditions and cultural routes. Different traditions speak to different people at different points in their lives.

In our third episode we meet Paul, who transitioned from the traditional “Western” route of training as a clinical psychologist towards seeking himself and helping others do the same through other routes.

I must have reached a point of profound stillness or something. And I remember thinking, “oh, this feels like I’m dipping my big toe in the sea of consciousness.” And it’s like time stopped, and everything became crystal clear.

Paul struggled with a prolonged experience of internal conflict around the practice of psychotherapy that encouraged him to drop psychotherapy altogether for a period and eventually find other ways of accessing his inner world.

We join Paul as he tells us about his journey through mindfulness, psychedelics, and ultimately a Peruvian Ayahuasca retreat that took Paul to the edge of himself.

Paul went there due to a semi-unformulated thought that he wanted to “get something moving” in himself, and his initial traumatic and potent initial experience with Ayahuasca certainly did that – an experience he is still trying to integrate.

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