Whatever the shape of our lives, however different they may appear to be on the surface, we can be certain that at some point each of us will encounter death – whether that of a loved one, of a beloved pet, or even our own.

When we encounter such experiences, especially when they are coupled with a sense of profound loss, the grief we feel can be so overwhelming that it threatens to swallow us whole.

Yet if we can somehow find a way to perceive these heart-splitting moments as initiatory, we may find that they open a door to the possibility of deep transformation.

Through pain, through crisis, through failure – if we let them define us, and we become victims… then we’re lost. If we get through it and look at it as an initiation rite, as hard as it is, as painful and heartbreaking as it is, if we can walk through that pain and crisis and failure, then it strengthens the self.

In this episode we meet psychotherapist Michele, whose early life was marked not only by the overcoming of childhood deafness, but by the loss of her father, mother, and eventually her sister too.

When she experiences a crippling accident and finds herself being called to the jungles of Peru, she embarks on a journey that will change her life forever.

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