In our increasingly distracted world, many have found sanctuary in the podcast. By quietening the noise of the external world, we create the opportunity to turn inward and listen to the voices we choose to hear. Thoughtfully selected, these podcasts can be a source of personal discovery, exploration and growth.

This teaser offers a hint of what’s to come with stories from four individuals, Jack, Erika, Paul, and Michele. Each of them share a story with us in which they have encountered life events and challenges which have forced them to look inward. 

Whether it is through addiction and recovery, as it was with Jack; Erika’s double loss of a parent and her faith that led her towards another spiritual path; the ayahuasca journey taken by Paul to enable greater understanding of his self; and Michele who describes how a series of life experiences led her to become a shamanic practitioner.

Nathalie and Aaron guide us through these narratives and ask the underlying question…

What is “self” and how do we find it?

At certain points in all our lives we can be lost and found again. We will be bringing you stories from individuals who have touched the edge of their selfhood – and often felt they’ve gone beyond it. We all have experiences in which we lose or find a part of ourselves – or find a part of ourselves that we never knew we even had.

We hope these stories will inspire you to look, wonder, and seek.

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